Mr LaCour’s Unbelievable Findings

By Marie Rogers On my way to work I was listening to the podcast This American Life. They reported a recent study which found that canvassers could change voters’ minds about gay marriage… Continue reading

The dark side of The Universe

By Kruti Shrotri There is a lot of ‘stuff’ in our universe: just five percent of it is the normal matter we’re used to – the matter that makes up you and me,… Continue reading

All that junk (DNA) inside your trunk

By Barney Wharam It was billed to be as inspiring as the space program. The sequencing of the human genome, figuring out our DNA code letter for letter, is one of our greatest… Continue reading

Carbon capture: recovering the riches that go up in smoke

By Adam Smith With UN climate talks taking place in New York in September, the issues of climate change and energy security were thrust right to the forefront of global concern. World leaders… Continue reading

Bacteria Wars: the scientist strikes back

By Kruti Shrotri Bacterial infections are becoming a serious threat to society as the bacteria that cause them become increasingly resistant to our current antibiotics. Earlier this year, Chief Medical Officer, Professor Dame… Continue reading

Parasitic worms and the 50 pence pill

By Barney Wharam In the developed world the idea of worm eggs in your poo seems pretty alien thanks to our flushing toilets, good sanitation and clean water supplies. Unfortunately this is not… Continue reading

Missing: Titan’s waves. If found report to NASA

By Kruti Shrotri Titan is one of the most intriguing bodies in our solar system. The largest of Saturn’s sixty-two moons, it is the only planetary object other than Earth known to have… Continue reading

Newspapers’ claims are a red hairing

By Marie Rogers Recent news articles have claimed that red haired people may become extinct. The gene for red hair is recessive, which means both parents have to have it for their child… Continue reading

Sleepless night? Could blame it on the moonlight!

By Anna Tiley There really is no doubt about it; I come from a family of major sleepaholics. We really relish a good night’s sleep and, particularly among the Mexican relatives, it’s common… Continue reading

Worse things happen at sea

By Adam Smith Climate scientists are in wide agreement that climate change is the most imminent and serious environmental problem we face today. The unrestricted emission of greenhouse gases into our atmosphere, from… Continue reading