Into the World

By Lauren Hoskin

This week’s blog post is somewhat different from usual. As part of a group project on my Master’s with the wonderful Ellie Pinney and Anouchka Jacquier, I recently produced the following animation.

The project aim was to create a piece of art based on themes surrounding how science is portrayed in the media. We decided to make a stop motion animation of baby sea turtles on their journey to the sea as a metaphor for scientific research making its way to the public. The various obstacles faced by the turtles are symbolic of the obstacles that science must face on its journey. Once the turtles reach the sea this is symbolic of science that has made it into the media and therefore into the public sphere.

The film can be viewed either as this metaphor or simply as an entertaining animation. Either way we hope you will enjoy it!

With special thanks to Mark Richardson for the soundtrack, Sam Harris for his voice-overs and Leo Green for all his help.